VR customizable interior


One of the most explored fields of industrial use of virtual reality is that of architecture and interior design. Experts in this field tend to immediately grasp a natural synergy between their work and the possibilities of VR. Perhaps because of this, the Kraków-based company Na Niby Studio approached us with a proposal to cooperate on a project they had already started.

The idea was ingeniously simple: an interior explorable with a VR headset, complete with customizable elements like colors and textures on the walls and floor, or pieces of furniture that can be changed, re-colored or even moved around. We have gladly accepted the proposal, and set out together to create our very first customizable apartment. As many different environments were to follow this initial one, each with it's own set of customizable objects and customization options, the technological path of a framework for 3D-craftsmen was chosen over a ready-made solution.

Currently the project has met it's successful first release, complete with the following features:

  • The ability to tag any objects inside a 3D environment as interactive.
  • Objects may have different levels of interactivity, they may be moved, rotated or scaled, both by grabbing them directly and from a distance.
  • Interactive objects may also have thier color or texture replaced, or be replaced with another object entirely.
  • Once in the virtual world, the user may navigate the environment using teleportation.
  • The user may select an object for interaction by pointing their index finger directly at it. Here we have utilised the finger tracking capabilities of the Oculus Touch controllers to achieve an amazingly natural user experience.
  • All interaction with the virtual objects in based on simulation the actual laws of physics, so that the experience feels even more natural.
  • The software is compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft Mixed Reality, and required motion controllers to function.
  • As a framework rather than a ready-made solution, the software may easily be extended with any functionality desired in the future.