VR LNG Reduction Station Training


Immersive technologies are developing incredibly fast and today it is clear that there are numerous advantages to using VR in trainings. An interactive VR experience is much more effective than boring presentations and schematic role playing scenario games. The training in virtual reality saves time and money and yields incredible results - the user is fully involved in the course (immersion effect). That is the reason why the biggest business players in a world use this technology to train their employees.

Together with InnVento the startup accelerator created by the major polish Oil & Gas company PGNiG we are bringing industrial trainings to the virtual world. Combining the knowledge of Poland's best Oil & Gas experts and immersive technologies has yielded a training & examination programme that is easier to set up, more effective and portable than ever before. As mentioned in this press release by the head of PGNiG's Central Measurements & Research Labolatory: "VR is opening new, unlimited possibilities for recreating the training scenarios that were not possible to perform off-site before." communication problem

The LNG Reduction Station training presented here is used to train workers operating service stations that reduce the pressure of natural gas for distribution to homes, offices and small industrial facilities. Detailed features of the training are described below:

  • A complete training scenario on activating the reduction station has been implemented, both for a home pipeline scenario as well as a small industrial facility pipeline scenario.
  • Thanks to the VR headset the user is fully immersed in the environment, and may interact with it using motion controllers, that act as their 'virtual hands'.
  • Detailed instructions are presented during the training scenario, complete with a visualization of the flow of natural gas within the pipes.
  • While activating different parts of the station, the user must conform to all operations standards. In the event of a critical error, the training scenario is reset to the beginning.
  • The app also features an examination mode, where no instructions are present, however any errors that occur during the procedure are still reported.
  • The installation featured in the training scenario is a 3D scanned real-life installation.