AR Assistant


Together with our partners at Hub:raum the startup accelerator of Deutsche Telekom, 1000 realities is offering the opportunity to use augmented reality to support current inspection and maintenance of industrial infrastructure. The solution is to create a virtual guide, which will help service engineers with their daily duties, whether during current maintenance or repair of infrastructure elements.

Once the parts of the infrastructure are within the field of view of the device (here smart glass or tablets), the engineer sees the virtual advice and pieces of information about the device/machine. Hints in the form of holograms are overlaid on the actual image of a particular object. This solution eliminates the misunderstanding or any other difficulties connected with reading an unclear manual.

Key benefits or our AR assistant technology include:

  • Virtual AR Assistant eliminates the risk of human error by giving/showing an interactive manual, which immediately binds the particular instructions with the infrastructure elements.
  • This technology enables you to access valuable digital data without the need to hold a tablet or smartphone.
  • AR technology can be used to help workers navigate in large, industrial areas.
  • AR goggles can improve training effectiveness as well as the implementation of quality audit work procedures.